Social Media Tools

The following are three of my favourite social media tools to be used in a library.


There are so many ways Instagram can be used to interact with the public.

  • Highlighting new additions to the collection
  • Publicising library events
  • Showing what goes on behind the scenes
  • Showcasing staff members’ favourite authors
  • Soliciting feedback

Life Behind the Stacks from State Library of Victoria is a stand-out.


Pinterest isn’t just popular with individual members of the public. Many organisations have begun to utilise it and libraries have done so with great success.

  • Promoting library activities
  • Creating reading lists
  • Pinning book covers
  • Collecting ideas for library displays
  • Showcasing learning-related infographics
  • Sharing craft projects

Yarra Plenty Regional Library have had a really interesting idea by using DDC to name their boards.


Libraries can leverage Twitter in many different ways, but it is most often used to broadcast information.

  • Report library happenings
  • Showcase new collections and/or exhibitions
  • Solicit feedback
  • Monitor other library-related tweets by monitoring #hashtags
  • Engage users and build a community

The British Library tweets quality information on a regular basis.


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